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Security What You Need for Your Business

Business it support services

IT support and IT services as a whole are growing within the U.S., where many companies wonder how they can change the course of their business from the inside out. Many IT companies in Phoenix understand how important your business security and success is to you and will do anything to help you prevent your company from an attack that could compromise everything you’ve built up from the ground.

Why IT Services Play an Important Role Today

What will you do when your business is compromised? Perhaps you own a business that cares for the money of others and you owe each customer your integrity to do everything in your power to keep them safe. IT security services can giv

Seven Weird Facts About Paper

Bulk engineering paper

We may be living in the age of the computer, email, and the ebook, but we?re still using a lot of paper. Here are some weird facts about paper and its usage that you may not know:

  1. Paper Brightness: How do you know how bright a piece of paper will appear? We measure the brightness of paper by how well it reflects a particular blue light wavelength. The higher the number, the brighter the paper appears to the human eye.
  1. Machines Use Most of our Paper Now: We don?t write on paper by hand much anymore, but our machines use a ton. Plotter paper rolls are used by machines that print vector-type graphics, which is is especially useful for engineering projects. But our machines are s


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