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The history and future of cartography

Location intelligence software

Time is a funny thing. So is space, when you really think about it. In a short amount of time, we’ve gone from needing big books of maps to get anywhere to not even thinking about it. When’s the last time you’ve even needed to consult a map to get anywhere? The very concept of being lost has suffered an ignoble death at the hands of technology, short of people being trapped in the mountains or adrift at sea. While it is still possible to get lost, technically speaking, it isn’t very likely. Not anymore. It’s just not a thing that happens anymore. We have everything from computers to the geospatial information system to keep us safe wherever we are. These technologies are actually so ubiquitous that we’ve comparatively forgotten what a mess and what a terrible thing it ever was to be lost in the

How a Managed Services Company Helps You

Managed services benefits

When it comes to Information Technology departments, fixing problems within companies is increasingly becoming the second choice for the companies involved. Many managers of IT departments wish to outsource their “break-and-fix” model to managed services companies, who handle the problems that arise, but also offer their services for a fixed monthly fee.

A 2015 survey reported that 66% of businesses surveyed used an outside Information Technology (IT) firm in the past year. For many IT departments, reducing payroll costs has been a strong influence in outsourcing IT services. There are a few other reasons as well.

For 38% of companies of all sizes, enhanced security and compliance was the reason for using a Continue Reading No Comments


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