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Taking A Look At Why We Should Be Paying Attention To Job Retention Rates All Throughout The United States

Jobs of all kinds are held in the United States, with many different industries and places of work found all throughout the country. But many people are leaving these jobs, as has been shown by recent research conducted onto the subject. In fact, the June of 2015 alone saw more than two and a half million people willingly leaving their places of work just within this one country alone. In addition to this, the Millennial generation has even earned the moniker of the “job hopping generation,” thanks to the fact that more than half of all Millennial employees (around 60% of them, as a matter of fact) would actually willingly leave their job if they were offered a better position elsewhere.

As anyone working for the typical job placement agency can attest to, there are a number of reasons that poor employee retention rates have all too frequently become something of a norm. For one thing, Continue Reading No Comments

How To Increase Your Company’s Employee Retention Rates

More and more companies are dealing with issues related to employee retention rates, and it’s a problem that has only been growing. In fact, more than half of all millennials (often referred to as the job hopping generation) are always on the look out for a new, better paying job and have been found to have little loyalty to one company or business. However, there are a number of reasons that job retention rates are low all throughout the United States, and consulting with an hr executive placement firm can be beneficial in discovering these problems as well as learning how to manage and prevent them.

First of all, an hr executive placement agency or outplacement service company can help companies and businesses to fill vacancies and open positions with the best possible candidates. Continue Reading No Comments


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