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Why a Workplace Romance is a No No

There are many reasons employees have their job and like their job, but there can also be a number of reasons people choose to leave their desired career. More than two million employees left their career voluntarily compared to the number who did so two years ago. Companies who recognize their employees tend to have happier employees, especially those who offer things like employee recognition programs and those who choose to employ managers with people skills and proper problem solving skills. Managers who encouraged their employees to do a good job and recognized them for doing so were considered scarce for eight out of ten workers. Aside from normal corporate and manager decisions, there are some things that cause other employees to leave the workplace, and one of those is knowing about or being involved in a workplace romance. These are not only damaging to those involved, they hurt coworkers, bosses and even the company, not to mention majority of hr executives frown on the entir

Employee Turnover, Diversity And Retention Rates The Keys To Successful Business

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What do you consider the most important aspect of a successful business? While some would cite clever marketing tactics or intelligent budgeting as the foundation that helps a brand succeed, the truth of the matter is that no business, big or small, would get very far without a devoted and happy workforce. Human resources executive recruiters know this and, as such, work night and day to provide firms and recruiters with the tactics they need to cultivate the best leadership guidance possible — everything from employee retention to diversity measurements are par for the course when using all a human resource firm has to offer, to better ensure you put your best foot forward in a competitive marketplace. Wondering why your business is having trouble keeping employees for more than a few weeks? Want t


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