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4 Ways Demographic Reporting can Help Boost Sales

There are many ways that businesses and products attempt to target consumers, some are more successful than others, but they all have the same end goal, to get more customers. Demographic reporting is an excellent way to do this. With this information specific groups of people can be targeted and shown information they may or may not be interested in. Knowing what this is helps reach your goal, and knowing how to use the information is vital in targeting the right types of people.


Ever thought that it would be great to target specific ages of people with certain products? Some are’t going to be interested in weight loss products if they are in their retirement years. However those who are older are going to be more concerned with their health and what vitamins and nutrients they are getting compared with the younger generation. Being able to get demographic reporting i

Facts On Geospatial Analysis

Geospatial mapping

Society is changing so rapidly that it is hard for most citizens of America to keep up with it, especially those that are older in age. Statistics have determined that over the next four decades the world’s population will grow by 50%, increasing from 6 billion to 9 billion. As this happens, more and more people begin to use technology very often which has allowed for geospatial data analysis to come to the forefront of technology.

Geospatial data analysis can be tricky if you are not a technological wizard and yet some of it can actually be quite simple if properly explained. Geospatial data analysis deals with location and GPS technology. Understand that right now there are over 30 active GPS satellites that circle the Earth collecting data and transmitting it to scientists across the globe.


3 Benefits of GIS for Marketing Analytics

Demographic reporting

Location intelligence and geospatial data analysis plays a much larger role in everyday life than most people imagine — from smartphones to cars, much of the modern world is guided by spatial technology and it’s principles. One area that is particularly influenced by geospatial technology is the marketing analytics sector. When companies develop products and services, they must know as much as possible about the customers they are catering to. There is where demographic reporting comes in — a process that is much abetted by geospatial


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