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Schools and Government Offices Both Rely on the Latest Hybrid Integration Platforms

This is a busy day in the district.
As a small group of professional raters gather to learn the new rubric for scoring text dependent writing, the high schools thought the third largest district in the state are on an altered schedule. Seniors and freshmen get to have the day off while the juniors take the practice ACT test in the morning. The sophomores are taking the writing assessment that the professionals scorers are preparing for.
All of this testing, of course, means that the technology staff in both the high schools and the district office are on full alert. With the integration of the latest API management tools, including custom build micrservices requests will need to operate flawlessly. The first time that the practice ACT will be taken online and the fourth year in a row where the writing assessment will be completed online, there will be technology

A Life Beyond the Numbers

The neighbors are not always a fan of the times when your husband wakes up early on a Saturday morning and cannot sleep. Often, he gets up, makes himself a cup of coffee, and works on the bills. If, however, there is even a chance of rain in the forecast, he mows.
With only a brief concern for what the neighbors will think, or if they are sleeping, your husband is on a mission to take care of the mowing before the weekend even begins. Perhaps this is the reason why, though, that you have one of the best looking yards in the neighborhood. In fact, there are few things that can come between your husband and the lawn care that he loves to practice.
Even on the morning when your older daughter was moving into her apartment, he was out mowing. He woke up about 45 minutes before your daughter and decided, despite the early hour, that he would go outside and mow. Perhaps he was delaying the inevitable.
Parenting and Lawn Care Have Several Similarities
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