Want to Follow the Work of Margaret Stones, Botanical Artist?

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Art, writes The New York Times, has made a significant comeback over the last few years. Specifically, hand-painted, non-digital work has seen a resurgence in popularity. Unsurprisingly, many thought the form would go the way of dinosaurs as technology came to the forefront and computer rendered art became ever more prevalent. Despite popular opinion, however, technology may have been the saving grace of many art forms. Nowhere is this more true, perhaps, than in the world of botanical art.

What is Botanical Art?%3Cbr%3E
Botanical art, according to The Telegraph, is a form of artistic expression that seeks to recreate plant life, botany, in a realistic, beautiful way through drawing, painting, and horticulture. Margaret Stones botanical artist, is one of the most famous prac

Three Things You Can Learn from Botanical Artist Societies

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Did you know that the earliest discovered botanical illustration dates to the year 512, in a medical book that described the difference between plants in different regions? Recently, there has been a renaissance of sorts in botanical art. Not only is it a popular form of wall art, but it also reflects concern with how the natural world is swiftly changing and should be recorded for future generations. Today there are many organizations around the world devoted to recording plant life, teaching others to be botanical painters, and spreading this knowledge to the world. Here are three things you can learn from botanical arts societies.

1. Coursework from the Royal Society of Botanical Artists

After several years of publishing successful texts on botanical illustration, the Royal Society


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