How API Management Can Benefit Your Business

Many people know the benefits to APIs (Application Program Interface), but few know the benefits to API management. If you have a business, API management is becoming essential in this digital age. Here’s why.

What is an API?

An API is communication or an interface between a business and a server that can help a business create software. An API can be used on the web, on an operating system, computer hardware, software library, or database system. A good API makes it easier to create computer programs by providing all the tools that a programmer needs.

In other words, you’re using APIs all of the time. If you use the Facebook app or check the weather on your phone, you’re using APIs. The app connects to the Internet and sends the data to the server, which retrieves and interprets it before performing an action and sending it back to you in a readable way.

What is API management?

API management is when an API is safely designed, published, documented,

Schools and Government Offices Both Rely on the Latest Hybrid Integration Platforms

This is a busy day in the district.
As a small group of professional raters gather to learn the new rubric for scoring text dependent writing, the high schools thought the third largest district in the state are on an altered schedule. Seniors and freshmen get to have the day off while the juniors take the practice ACT test in the morning. The sophomores are taking the writing assessment that the professionals scorers are preparing for.
All of this testing, of course, means that the technology staff in both the high schools and the district office are on full alert. With the integration of the latest API management tools, including custom build micrservices requests will need to operate flawlessly. The first time that the practice ACT will be taken online and the fourth year in a row where the writing assessment will be completed online, there will be technology


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