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Four Things to Look For in a Document Scanning Company

Converting documents, sourcing large format scanning services, converting microfiche, and many other file and scanning services are crucial to the operation of the modern business. Professionals in IT in a global survey recently estimated that document challenges are accounting for more than 21% of all productivity loss. One of the best ways to minimize this loss is to call for large format scanning services who can do scanning on-site to make sure that all of your documents are easily accessible and searchable. As you go looking for document imaging companies to outsource your scanning, what should you look for?

Specialized Expertise

The first thing you should be looking for is a document scanning service that can handle the type of documents you have and the type of end pro

How Do Chemical Manufacturers Assess Purity? Common Questions About Biotech Answered

How do chemical manufacturers assess purity?

If you’ve been considering the pros and cons of beginning a career in pharmaceutical tech, you might find yourself asking this question. Being able to keep up with the latest technology like GMP synthesis and ICN radiochemicals is best done by going back to the basics and understanding what’s needed of you and why. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing sections of the United States, with demand being particularly high for drug research and clinical trials. Whichever one you end up specializing in, the overview below will give you the big picture.

Let’s learn more about the pharmaceutical industry today and what you should be expecting to see in the future.

The United States is in need of experienced, passionate individuals who want to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible. This means providing medication for mental health issues, conducting clinical trials for new drugs and mai

Why a Workplace Romance is a No No

There are many reasons employees have their job and like their job, but there can also be a number of reasons people choose to leave their desired career. More than two million employees left their career voluntarily compared to the number who did so two years ago. Companies who recognize their employees tend to have happier employees, especially those who offer things like employee recognition programs and those who choose to employ managers with people skills and proper problem solving skills. Managers who encouraged their employees to do a good job and recognized them for doing so were considered scarce for eight out of ten workers. Aside from normal corporate and manager decisions, there are some things that cause other employees to leave the workplace, and one of those is knowing about or being involved in a workplace romance. These are not only damaging to those involved, they hurt coworkers, bosses and even the company, not to mention majority of hr executives frown on the entir

Why You Need Cisco UC Solutions

On average, 11 million meetings are held in U.S. workplaces each day, and employees on average attend 62 meetings each month. According to the National Statistics Council, 37% of employee time is spent in meetings. In a study by Steven Rogelberg of the University of North Carolina, 71% of senior managers said that their organization’s meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Glitches in any video conferencing application, audio or web-based process cost time. If a team of 10 is in a meeting, a six-minute delay is an hour of lost productivity.

Keeping The Team on Track

As many as 70% of attendees admit to multitasking during meetings, according to Interaction Associates. Between commuting, meetings, and conferences, productivity can begin to dwindle. As telecommuting increases, more and more businesses are opting for some remote work capabilities. Telecommuting is increasingly popular among businesses. In a study of more than 1,000 professionals, 65% said that they allo

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

The world of technology has absolutely exploded in the past decade. Now, more and more businesses are looking to utilize technology to improve their presence and public image. As a result, the demand for managed IT services is now higher than ever before!

Nearly half, just about 46%, of all people say a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company. A website must be designed by a website designer but is must be maintained over time to avoid crashing. Therefore, a managed IT services is going to be important in terms of properly utilizing a network. Here are all of the facts on hiring managed IT services!

Managed IT Services Can Help Keep A Businesses Network Secure

Just about 47% of data losses were due to end-users deleting information, 17% were users overwriting data, 13% were because hackers deleted info. However, lost data can cost a company a lot of money, time, and energy regardless of how it ends up

Streamline Your Business Operations and Potentially Increase Net Profits With Information Technology Solutions

An incredible amount of data is created and exchanged on a daily basis. It’s surprising to note, however, that only a small percentage of this data is actually analyzed. According to recent figures, this amounts to even less than 0.5%. While there are a variety of reasons for this, solutions are being addressed and are available in many situations.

Predictions indicate, for example, that every person in the world will have approximately 1.7 megabytes of new data created for them by 2020. In order for businesses and other enterprises to manage and utilize this data, information solutions need to be applied. Furthermore, given this increase in data, there are more opportunities for cybersecurity issues to arise.

The Growing Need for Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity has been a concern for decades, and it continues to be an issue for many businesses, organizations, and government offices. The damage caused by cyber crime is significant. In addition to adversely affe


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