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Four Advantages Police Departments Can Gain From Using Body Cameras

In these uneasy times we live in, police and other folks who put their lives on the line to protect ordinary citizens can never be too careful. Though there are many officers who do their job without fair and favor, national incidents have left an impression in the minds of many Americans and there are some who are very distrusting of law enforcement.

When it comes to protecting police officers and staying accountable, body cameras are an obvious choice. Some law enforcement officials may be wary of them, but there are actually many advantages of police body cameras:

  • A clear picture: Contrary to what some might believe, body cameras don’t capture every single movement. But what they do capture is enough video footage to give juries and they’re commanding officers a look at what happens, especially in complex situations. Rather than having to paint a mental picture, those who need to see footage of what happened can do so. Bottom line: body cameras elimi

How Often Do You Rely on Digital Transmissions on an Average Day?

From the sharing of hospital records to the shows that we binge watch on the weekend, we are a society that depends on communication. Fortunately, a network of fiber optic operators and telecommunication company groups provide the backdrop to all of the necessary digital, visual, and audio information that today’s consumers demand.
Over the last half decade the fiber optic cable manufacturing industry has grown by nearly 12%. As a result, more and more businesses are focusing on the increased amount of information, data storage, and entertainment that they can provide. Fiber optic services provide an important asset to many industries. The shows and music that we stream and the financial data that we access, in fact, are but two of the many examples of how consumers use fiber optic operator switches and internet services. In fact, without these services we likely could not live the lives that we have become accustomed to.
Digital Data Play an Important Role in Many Industrie

Taking A Look At Why We Should Be Paying Attention To Job Retention Rates All Throughout The United States

Jobs of all kinds are held in the United States, with many different industries and places of work found all throughout the country. But many people are leaving these jobs, as has been shown by recent research conducted onto the subject. In fact, the June of 2015 alone saw more than two and a half million people willingly leaving their places of work just within this one country alone. In addition to this, the Millennial generation has even earned the moniker of the “job hopping generation,” thanks to the fact that more than half of all Millennial employees (around 60% of them, as a matter of fact) would actually willingly leave their job if they were offered a better position elsewhere.

As anyone working for the typical job placement agency can attest to, there are a number of reasons that poor employee retention rates have all too frequently become something of a norm. For one thing, Continue Reading No Comments

Important Considerations For Employee Retention Rates In The United States

As anyone working in the field of HR executive search services and other such human resources fields will likely be all too aware of, employee retention rates are quite poor all throughout the country. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim. In fact, this data shows that, in the June of 2015 alone, more than two and a half employees voluntarily left their positions. This marked a significant increase in such from just the year before, an increase of as much as a full 25%. In addition to this, this number of employees leaving their positions has only truly continued to grow in the years that have followed since – and this trend will likely only continue on the longer that we avoid taking steps to rectify the problem, as anyone employed in HR executive search services can tell you.

For anyone in HR executive search services will likely know that there are a number of reasons for such issues to have come into being. For one thing, far

The Best Flexible Graphite Around

In the automotive industry and beyond, there are many types of materials that are extremely useful for helping to create the perfect insulation and many other aspects that hold a vehicle and mechanics together. Many people are now using ceramic fiber options and rope gaskets as a new type of system that is known and proven to work.

Among many of the different types of fibers that exist are flexible graphite measures, which have been used more and more over the past few years. Today we want to focus on these types of materials and what they do, as well as why they are some of the best.

What You Need to Know About Flexible Graphite

Fiberglass fabric such as flexible graphite packing is being chosen more and more in a variety of applications. It is also known for being approximately 95-99% carbon. It is also one of the softest materials on the market, with a score of 1 out of 10 on the Mohs ha

How to Pick the Right Engineering Plotter Paper

Plotter paper is one of the specialty materials used by technical experts such as engineers to present digital graphics in a tangible form. In most cases, plotter paper rolls are in high demand among architects and other individuals working in the drafting industry. If you are a beginner, and you want to present your graphic drawings on a blueprint paper, you might be confused about which plotter paper rolls to use.

This post will focus on helping you to get the best bulk engineering paper rolls for your drawing so that you can make a sound purchase decision.

Your Plotter Machine

Over the last few years, there has been an emergence of plotter machines and printers. You don’t just pick plotter paper rolls without analyzing the machine that you will be used for printing purposes. Your papers should be compatible with the equipment that you will be using. You don’t want to waste money by b


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