Percival Whart

Percival Whart

Good day, netizen! My name is Percival Whart, and I’m glad that my website caught your attention! I’m a developer who works on graphic design projects. I’m not like the majority of graphic designers. I am able to think outside the box because I’m able to incorporate my developer skills into projects, which gives me an edge over those that are just familiar with graphic design. My taste, aesthetic sense, and design skills are prevalent in my work. The knowledge that I have acquired as a developer has given me a boost and my skills as a designer have continue to improve, which makes me feel very confident as a graphic designer. I know that I can answer all of the graphic design questions that you may have. I’m an admirer of creative output and the field of design in general. I like to follow a number of subsections of the field, and one of my favorites is web design. On this site, I’ll be providing you with web design related articles that I find to be fascinating and I hope to hear your feedback too! There’s a lot to be said about making great websites, which isn’t an easy task. With my eye for graphic design and eye as a developer, I think that I can bring a distinct and special outlook to the conversation. I hope that my website maintained your interest because there’s a lot more insight that I want to share with you!

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