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How Your Company Can Benefit From The Use Of NTP

If you work in a big office with a lot of people, odds are you’ve heard company mission statements about time management and using your time wisely while you’re at work.

Believe it for not, even the most efficient companies can sometimes have trouble managing their time, even as the world become more and more technology-based. When it comes to keep track of time across a company’s network, proper network time synchronization with a network time server is essential. Network Time Protocol or NTP is a commonly used algorithm that is able to keep computers and other equipment in sync. For many companies that use a network time server, NTP is quite effective because all the devices synced via NTP are accurate to within a few milliseconds. Since it was first used in 1985, NTP is one of the oldest Internet protocols that’s still currently in use.

So how exactly does NTP work for a big company with lots of tech? Let’s say for example you work for a national company like a bank. That

Four Advantages Police Departments Can Gain From Using Body Cameras

In these uneasy times we live in, police and other folks who put their lives on the line to protect ordinary citizens can never be too careful. Though there are many officers who do their job without fair and favor, national incidents have left an impression in the minds of many Americans and there are some who are very distrusting of law enforcement.

When it comes to protecting police officers and staying accountable, body cameras are an obvious choice. Some law enforcement officials may be wary of them, but there are actually many advantages of police body cameras:

  • A clear picture: Contrary to what some might believe, body cameras don’t capture every single movement. But what they do capture is enough video footage to give juries and they’re commanding officers a look at what happens, especially in complex situations. Rather than having to paint a mental picture, those who need to see footage of what happened can do so. Bottom line: body cameras elimi

How Often Do You Rely on Digital Transmissions on an Average Day?

From the sharing of hospital records to the shows that we binge watch on the weekend, we are a society that depends on communication. Fortunately, a network of fiber optic operators and telecommunication company groups provide the backdrop to all of the necessary digital, visual, and audio information that today’s consumers demand.
Over the last half decade the fiber optic cable manufacturing industry has grown by nearly 12%. As a result, more and more businesses are focusing on the increased amount of information, data storage, and entertainment that they can provide. Fiber optic services provide an important asset to many industries. The shows and music that we stream and the financial data that we access, in fact, are but two of the many examples of how consumers use fiber optic operator switches and internet services. In fact, without these services we likely could not live the lives that we have become accustomed to.
Digital Data Play an Important Role in Many Industrie


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