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Hard Drive Failures More Common Than You Think

New hard drive

You depend on your hard drive for virtually everything. Your entire life is on your computer, from pictures, to important work files, to everything in-between. But what happens when laptop hard drives fail and leave you wondering if you’ve lost everything important? You would be surprised by how many people do not back up the information they store on their computer. In fact, statistics show that over 30% of people never back up their hard drives and that system malfunctions are the leading cause of data loss, followed by human error. With approximately 80% of people owning a desktop or laptop computers, there is no room for error and loss.

Hard Drive Repair Helping Those at Home and Those at Work

Having a personal laptop fail can be a terrible occurrence, especially when you’re hard at wor

Search Engine Optimization Services Help Companies Connect with Potential Customers

Prospecting with email marketing

As the last few days of the Christmas shopping season wrap up, it should come as no surprise that search engine optimization services are working at a furious pace. In an effort to make sure that their products connect with the most customers, in fact, more and more companies are working with SEO marketing companies to drive their companies to the top of all search engine results. Whether you are trying to promote handmade door hangers that you are selling for the holiday or you are trying to make sure that you sell all of the hottest toys th

HR Executive Recruitment for a Better Work Environment

Human resources staffing agencies

Running a business can be a tricky thing. There are so many factors to be aware of, to take into consideration, and to navigate. Being the one in charge is not a job that everyone can do, regardless of the fact that most people fantasize about it. One must be able to multitask, to delegate, and to make difficult decisions, sometimes in a hurry. But a leader must also be encouraging, and truly care about his or her employees, if he or she truly wants to see that business succeed on every level. There is a lot more to running a business than making a nice profit.

How society has shaped our standards and expectations

Human beings are social creatures. Though it is not discussed enough, we thrive off of connection, positive reinforcement, and yes, love. Thi


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