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IT Security and Other Vital Services That a Managed Service Provider Can Provide

It security and compliance

A recent survey showed that 58% of businesses are worried about cyber attacks. This is not surprising given historical as well as recent events covered in the media. In order to address these and other concerns, more and more businesses are opting to outsource their IT security and other necessary services to managed service providers.

According to a 2015 survey, 66% of the participating businesses indicated that they utilized the services of an outside IT firm during 2014. Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey revealed that 31% of business IT services were being outsourced in 2015. When surveyed about their reasons for using a managed service provider, 61% of the companies reported that they did so given the return on their investment. Enhanced security and compliance were the reasons prov

Outdoor Security Cameras and Other Surveillance Systems Can Protect Your Home and Business

1080p wireless security camera system

Do you currently have an outdoor security camera system? Recent data shows that homes as well as businesses without these systems have a greater chance of being broken into and suffering losses. Furthermore, when businesses also have indoor surveillance systems, it can potentially reduce theft and other types of crimes.

Reducing Residential Burglaries

When homes don’t have security systems, they are up to 300% more prone to being broken into. It’s interesting to note that 34% of burglars will actually go through the front rather than a side or back door. While some bu


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