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Understanding the Two Types of Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic card scanner

For any business, it’s necessary to keep up with the market dynamics and finding new ways of improving its operations. The importance of adopting technological tools in offering business service can’t be emphasized further. One essential technology that has really facilitate most business operation is the use of a magnetic stripe card. This is a vital asset that has found a variety of applications in trading. Depending on the line of commerce you are in, there are different types of magnetic stripe cards that can work best for you. Before investing in a stripe card, you should first understand the options available get a clear insight on which one fits your exact business needs.

There are two main types of magnetic stripe card, which are the high coercivity magnetic stripe (HiCo) and the low coerci

Your Guide to IT Support

Office 365 migration help

Over the past couple of decades, technology has transformed and expanded to heights that no one predicted. From smart phones to smart televisions, we have seen technology improve year after year at an impressive rate. This rate will not stop now nor in the future, so the time is now to prepare yourself for how strong technology is going to be within the next twenty years.

As technology changes the world around is, it grabs onto every aspect of a consumers daily life. Now businesses across the world must adapt to the ever expanding nature of technology. They now must deal with graphic designers, social media marketing, and even IT support. While IT support is not glorified


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