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How Microsoft and Netflix Thrive by Using Cloud Computing Solutions

Small business hosting services

As Forbes writes, cloud solution providers and the services they offer are set to undergo exponential growth in 2014. By year-end, American businesses are expected to pump over $13 billion into cloud computing, and why not? Making the switch to the cloud, as a recent study from Microsoft found, can greatly improve data redundancy and security. Cloud hosting options are widely considered to be far more customizable and affordable than their physical counterparts, making them even more attractive, both to small and large business.

Leading the charge toward a future where cloud solutions are the norm are Microsoft and Netflix. One company is

Mobile Applications Provide an Intriguing Method for the Healthcare Sector

Mobile medical apps

Improved computer and network technology has changed the way many industries go about their daily tasks. In the restaurant industry, you’ll find more and more waiters and waitresses equipped with mobile device tablets for taking orders and accepting payments. Businesses are becoming more involved with e-commerce. Each year more Americans choose to file their taxes online, and the majority of the health care industry utilizes electronic databases for hosting patient information. The switch from traditional methods such as paper records to electronic filing provides better organization, faster and safer access, and is more friendly to the environment.

The healthcare sector is perhaps the most influenced industry by technology. For example, electronic applications for Medicaid can be extremely helpful and c


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