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Why Is a Poor Mobile Web Page Design So Bad for Business?

Affordable web design

Mobile web designs are one of the most essential digital pieces for any successful business today, primarily because so many consumers are turning to their smartphones (and tablets) to research products before purchasing them, to make those transactions, and to provide feedback to other customers.

Many businesses choose to seek web page design help from one of the many digital marketing firms and professional web design and development companies that already provide marketing services, and this is definitely the best option when it comes to mobile web.

But what ex

Why You Should Hire a Professional Phone Answering Service for Your Company

Service professional answering service

The customer service component of any business often plays a key role in the success if that business. In fact, research shows that good customer service is so important to individuals in the United States that roughly 59% of consumers would be willing to try a different brand or company just to get a better customer service experience.

If you find your company is struggling in the customer service area, you may want to consider investing in a professional answering service. Hiring such a service — whether it be a virtual telephone answering service or a live phone answering service — will be sure to increase overall customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of a Live or Virtual Telephone Answering Service:


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