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Why More Americans Choose to Work for Themselves The Rise of the Entrepreneurial Class

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The world has changed: the hardest question parents used to face was “Why is the sky blue?” Nowadays, our children are as apt to look up at us and say, “Mom, where is the internet?” At which point we take a deep breath and consider how we can explain cloud services and server farms to a five-year-old. Technology has evolved so much in the last two decades: first there was the outsourcing, and now there is an entirely new entrepreneurial class in America. In the next few years, businesses will spend almost $200 billion on cloud services; the trend toward outsourcing IT services also continues to grow.

Businesses do not want to spend money on anything they don’t have to. Lean manufacturing principles are also entirely applicable to s

3 Ways You Can Increase Your Marketing ? Application Development and More

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If you are looking to increase the marketing potential of your startup, you have done the right thing. Looking around, researching and investigating will help with increasing your overall sales. You need to be motivated to increase your marketing. These tips require that you have full dedication to your business to thrive. So here are the three ways you can increase your marketing.

1. Optimize Your Content with Application Development

Having your content applied to all applications from the web to mobile apps is vital. Take your time when you are going through your application deve


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