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Small Businesses Can’t Rely on a Search Marketing Company Without These 3 Services

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A few years ago, not many people understood the purpose of using search engine optimization strategies for a business’s website. After all, Google can simply find a local business on its own, right?

It turns out that that’s not exactly the case. Google makes up at least 65 to 70% of the search engine market share, because 93% of all internet users will start their usage with a search engine, they’re most likely to head to Google. Businesses that don’t have sites optimized to show up in Google’s keyword search results, however, won’t get discovered by the average consumer.

What’s a small business to do? It turns out that hiring a search marketing company is more necessary than ever before these days. In addition to seeking quality website design services and using techniques like email marketing, b

How to Measure the Effective of Local SEO Campaigns

Email marketing for small businesses

Small businesses have a lot on their plates, from keeping up with day-to-day operations to worrying about their financial outlook for the year. Having to worry about a search engine optimization campaign, however, usually isn’t a concern for Main Street American businesses. Fortunately, these businesses can hire SEO consultants to manage their local SEO services for them. This allows local customers to find local businesses when they need them, including when they’re on the go with a mobile phone. In fact, today nearly half of all local internet searches are performed on mobile devices. Not tapping into that market means that businesses can lose out on potential customers.

If you’r


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