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Cloud Services Offer Reliability and Lower Costs

Small business communications

Cloud brokerage services offer end-to-end cloud technology services for businesses and government agencies. From the initial IT infrastructure assessment through design, transition, integration and implementation, to maintenance, they offer multiple cloud products and services. IT services are increasingly delivered by cloud communications. The reliability, lower costs and seamless integration offered by cloud communications make them the preferred choice for data storage and use.

The cloud is here
More than a third or 35% of IT services are already delivered totally, or partly, by cloud. The demand for cloud based services is expected to grow, and more than half or 52% of organizations surveyed said that they planned to update cloud services within the next yea

3 Tips for Running a Successful Marketing Campaign

Advertising firm

You have watched your company grow into what it is today. You have watched the customer bases grow, the products increase and new employees be hired on. However, over the last few years your company growth has seemed to stand still. You are doing the same things that you did when you first began, but you are not reaching any new customers. It may be time to launch a creative marketing campaign. Creative marketing campaigns often increase customers and minimally provide awareness to those you market to. These customers may not purchase or become customers immediately, but will often remember the business when they are ready to purchase. How can a company launch a successful marketing campaign to reach new customers?

50% of companies are using digital marketing, but they don?t have a plan. If a company w


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