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Three Modern Technologies Inspired by Science Fiction

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These days, every single thing we do seems to have been improved by technology. Businesses and consumers now rely on the internet to sell and buy products, respectively. According to eMarketer, we now spend over $1.5 trillion a year online. Whereas before to communicate we had to rely on snail mail or home phones, now we can literally speak to friends and family at any time, from anywhere. Technology defines our current age.

What if you were to learn that much of the technology we rely on today was actually inspired by fiction? Whether you’re talking about smartphones or hosted VoIP services, inventors and consumers of today owe the imaginative minds of the past a great debt of gratitude.

Three Modern Technologies and the Science Fiction That Inspired Them

How Microsoft and Netflix Thrive by Using Cloud Computing Solutions

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As Forbes writes, cloud solution providers and the services they offer are set to undergo exponential growth in 2014. By year-end, American businesses are expected to pump over $13 billion into cloud computing, and why not? Making the switch to the cloud, as a recent study from Microsoft found, can greatly improve data redundancy and security. Cloud hosting options are widely considered to be far more customizable and affordable than their physical counterparts, making them even more attractive, both to small and large business.

Leading the charge toward a future where cloud solutions are the norm are Microsoft and Netflix. One company is


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