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Three Ways to Make Sure Your Information is Safe With Cloud

Denver server hosting

Several weeks ago, the clouds of multiple female celebrities were hacked, and the thieves stole dozens of intimate images women had been storing in their private cloud space. Aside from the issue stirring up debate over the way we treat women’s bodies, the leak also led to many people asking, “is it safe to use cloud hosting — or am I just not getting hacked because I’m not famous?”

Here are three few things you can do to make sure your data is safe.

1. Use Two-Step Authentication

Although it can be tempting to only use one authentication step, two-step authentication can help to deter a large number of hackers. There are several techniques that can effectively help hackers guess a password or the answer to a personal question, but it’s difficult for them to overcome a t

Struggling to Choose the Right Social Media Marketing Firm?

Social media for businesses

Did you know that an estimated 70% of all American businesses have a Facebook page? Why wouldn’t they? The social media platform, according to Statistic Brain, has 1.4 billion active users, users who are interested in finding new things and connecting with their favorite brands.

Unfortunately, it’s the rare small business owner that has the time, the money, and the know-how to implement social media for small business success. Finding a reputable social media marketing firm can help, but that’s only if you know what to look for to avoid the bottom of the barrel. That’s where these simple tips for choosing a social media advertising agency come in


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