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How to Monitor Your Kids’ Internet Activity and Keep Them Safe Online in Three Simple Steps

Iphone text monitoring

It’s no surprise to anyone that sometimes the internet can be an unsafe place for kids. Years ago, many parents were concerned about predators targeting children through chatrooms and other websites, and while this holds true today, there is another threat that’s on the rise among teens and tweens: cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the practice of making hurtful comments or otherwise targeting a person online, often through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, as many as 95% of teens who use social media have witnessed some form of cruel behavior on these sites — and have seen others ignore or not make an effort to stop that type of bullying.

Many parents wonder how to monitor internet activity for t

How to Pick the Right Restaurant POS Software

Cloud point of sale

If you are opening a restaurant, there are a lot of things to consider — how big you want the eatery to be, the menu, the decor, and the theme, to name a few.

But one of the most important aspects of establishing a successful restaurant is making sure you have the right point of sales equipment to serve your customers.

What is point of sales?

Point of sales is essentially the payment system you set up, what kind of restaurant POS software you choose, and if you are going to use traditional cash registers or a more updated POS solution.

The restaurant POS software you opt for will dictate the kind of system you choose. Here are some of things you should consider when you are picking the so


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