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Amid the Ferguson Shooting, Many Say Police Body Cameras Are the Answer

Vehicle dash camera

After the recent police shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, MO, the nation is calling for an increase in car camera systems among local police agencies. Many believe that if a camera had been installed in the car of the officer involved in the shooting, there would be a lot more clarity in this case that has fueled riots and demonstrations across the country. Police in car video systems certainly have benefits, including providing a clear and accurate depiction of police interactions with the public. They also help police agencies keep track of police mi

Protect Your Server, Employees by Maintaining Strict Safety Practices for Your Server Room

24u rack

You might not realize it, but server room fires are incredibly common. You need only do a search for “server fires” in Google News to find a story about a business that didn’t properly maintain its server rack cabinets, subsequently losing everything when heat lead to flames and flames subsequently lead to a total loss.

While such a catastrophic event is rare in the grand scheme of things, you still need to take proper steps to ensure such a terrible thing never happens to your business. By following some simple server safety tips, you can do exactly that.

Three Safety Tips for a Safer, More Reliable Clean Room

  1. Install Simple Monitoring Devices
  2. Sometimes, the best defense against common server cabinet racks safety issues is the simplest technology. Install


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