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What Do I Need to Know About Custom Plastic Roto Molding?

Plastic bulk containers

Custom plastic roto molding is bringing designers creations to life, from action figures to tech gadgets. Thanks to its low tooling costs compared to injection molding and ability to be used for mass production, custom plastic roto molding has become the plastic molding technique of the age.

What is custom plastic roto molding?

Roto molding, or rotational molding, is a unique process of creating complex shapes from plastic. There are four stages to custom plastic roto molding: First, plastic resin is loaded inside a closed design mold. This mold can contain multiple walls, fasteners, and even graphics. Hollywood has become particularly taken with custom plastic roto molding to create life-size versions of its most beloved characters.

Once the plastic is loaded in the mold, the

The Top 3 SEO Mistakes People Are Still Making

Benefits of seo for small businesses

There are tons of Internet marketing companies and SEO firms out there today making big promises. Some of them can actually deliver. Yet despite this, countless small business owners still try to go out it alone in the Search Engine Optimization wilderness. Along the way they gather whatever SEO tips they find. At first things seem great, until they follow the wrong advice, and suddenly Google is bringing the hammer down hard.
This happens all the time, as any SEO firm will tell you. While not everyone needs their own SEO company on call for Internet marketing, SEO can be a dangerous thing when done poorly. Without realize it, you could make


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