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Are You Looking for Ways to Grow Your Small Business?

Internet marketing bakersfield

Your new business is struggling.
After initial success with gaining clients for your college scholarship essay writing and test prep service, you are now going on five straight months of no clients.
You know it is not that your services are not in demand. In fact, you know that the test prep industry is growing by leaps and bounds as parents attempt to help their teenagers for the changes in the college entrance exams. The difference is that there are now more companies offering the same services that you and your partner provide.
You also know once parents and their students understand the difference between the personalized instruction that you offer they will likely understand the value you offer. It is difficult, however, to continue to generate new social media interest in your

The Importance of Repairing Your iPhone


Cell phones, especially the iPhone models, certainly have seen a tremendous rise in popularity over the last 15 years. However, phones have grown smaller and thinner to accommodate changing needs of the customer. With the previously mentioned changes comes many incidents of phones breaking. These breaks can be small cracks on the back or sides of the device. In the worst case scenario, phone cracks can occur on the front of the device. Having a cracked front screen is something that a cell phone repair company will see quite often. Here is more information on how to handle an iPhone repair.

Statistics show that 10% of people who own a cell phone will end up damaging their device within the next year. There are cases that can do a great job of keeping your phone protected. However, when


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