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Qatar Now The World’s Largest Exporter of Helium

Pressure decay leak testing

Over the last several years, the global market has experienced a helium shortage. While the element is an abundant and naturally-occurring, its high rate of use in many industries caused a depletion in one of the world’s most productive helium storehouses, located in the Amarillo natural gas fields in Texas. Because of this, the United States government increased the price of helium significantly to extend the life of the helium reservoir. Despite it’s intended effect on the environment, however, this decision has created a challenge for many businesses, especially those who use helium leak detectors to ensure the quality of their products. Many of these manufacturers, who produce everything from automobile parts to IV bags,

3 Methods for Transporting Valuables

Shipping case company

When you move across the country, how do you transport the beautiful China you received on your wedding day? When your grandma passes at her retirement home in Florida, how do you bring her body home to mourn? When you’ve just purchased the best sign for your business at a resale shop on vacation, what’s the best way that sign stay in tact on its journey back to your storefront? People are confronted with transporting conundrums all the time. The good thing is, there are sophisticated, heavy duty shipping cases to get your valuables where they need to go. Check out these three tips for doing just that effectively.
1. Go with a pro
If you are reading this, you might not be a pro at custom packaging and that’s ok! Experienced packagers will help keep your valuables safe and ready for d


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