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Building a Brand for Small Business

Internet marketing advertising

Anyone who owns or manages a small business knows how important it is to have a well defined brand that customers can recognize immediately. Internet marketing experts specialize in top web design, so they will be able to tell you how to make a good first impression on your clients. Responsible web design (RWD) is a special website design service that is meant to create sites that provide an optimal viewing experience. It really takes an expert to know how to craft the perfect online presence for any business, so if you’re wondering about website design pricing and services you should talk to someone from one of the best website design companies.

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PGP is A’OK Three Things You Should Know About File Transfer Services

What is data loss prevention (dlp)?

In today’s turbulent digital world, cyber security is one of the most pressing issues businesses must face today. The recent hacking of Sony Pictures and U.S. CENTCOM just goes to show that even the most powerful companies and organizations in the country are not immune to cyber crime. The urgency for providing security for file transfer services has never been greater. In order to better prepare for cyber security threats, it is important to verse yourself in a few basic concepts of data delivery services:

  1. FTP: File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is the standard method of digital file transferring for business as well as personal use. Under FTP, digital files can be transferred between various clients, or “hosts,” and the server. Different control and data connect


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